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Lion Energy features resources to help oil and gas mineral rights owners make smart decisions about their valuable assets. Whether you just inherited your rights, or you’ve leased them out for years, Lion Energy wants to help you!

Sell Your Oil & Gas Rights

Selling your mineral rights is a great way to make money fast. Here are some of the reasons to consider selling them today:

  • Quick, large lump sum payment: While you could wait years to see royalties start trickling in, you could receive a large up-front payment from a mineral rights buyer. Often, these rights sell for six- or seven-figures, making this a fantastic way to pay off your debts, send your kids to college, or finally plan the retirement you’ve dreamed of.
  • Forget market flux: The oil and gas industry is filled with ups and downs. While the rigs on your property might churn out thousands-worth of oil barrels one day, production could shut down the very next, leaving you in a lurch if you rely on royalty payments. If you sell your royalties, you no long must worry about market volatility.
  • No worry about depletion: If drilling is happening on surrounding properties, it could lead to depletion of the minerals on your property. Don’t take the risk of your oil reserves running dry! Get a cash payment today.

Ready to sell your mineral rights to an experience buyer who understand their value? Call Lion Energy today to get started!